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Yesterday's weight training was much better than the previous day, as I had hoped.  It's always easier to get through arms and shoulders than chest and back, and I think I am finally beginning to shake this cold.  I abstained from cadio again this morning but will go for a run tomorrow and maybe I'll even take a bike out for a bit of a ride later today. 
I was in the shoppe (http://www.olympiacycle.com) yesterday taking pictures of a new Scott Scale 20 (http://www.scottusa.com/product.php?UID=9707) for the website and was really taking a shine to it, but this morning I was moving my Giant XTC C1 (http://archive.giant-bicycles.com/cn/030.000.000/030.000.000.asp?year=2005&model=10164) and I realized that you can't really get much better in terms of cross country racers.  My Giant is the one bike that I don't really feel like I've ridden enough to justify owning but maybe I'll change that this summer if I do the Bur Oak series and a little other mountain bike riding.  Maybe Ill start changing that today.
Oh, the UFC fight night special last night was excellent.  Bull Run wasn't as good - I might keep watching but I'm not going to schedule my life around it.
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