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I just finished the dreaded chest and back routine and I must say that it was a lot better than the one I did earlier this week.  I think I'm finally over the hump of my cold (the last few days it felt like it was taking longer to shake than it should but in the end it's only been around for about a week and a half so I guess that's not bad).  The bad news I suppose is that Deanna now has a cold, no doubt because of me, but more about her later.  My strength training routines this past week have included an additional set per exercise than what I have been used to in the past.  I used to always do three sets of everything no matter what phase of the cycle I was in but would decrease reps and rest at the beginning of each phase thru three phases, and then up the weight and return to phase one.  I'm now doing an "advanced" routine where I not only reduce reps and rest each phase but I also increase sets from 3 to 4 to 5.  This week has been the first week at 4 sets and it has definitely hurt more but I think the cold was the biggest factor.  In hindsight I was probably sicker than I thought (which in hindsight is usually the case).  On Tuesday I was dripping in sweat from the first set on, but today was much better even though I was performing the same workout.
Deanna is still doing well emotionally while helping care for her mother but physically I think it continue to wear on her.  She was with her mom all night and apparently never got to sleep for more than an hour and a half at a stretch.  Not conducive to working out the next day.  She came home for the morning (she took the day off of work) but is back at her mom's this afternoon. Thankfully tonight we're off to the ballet (http://www.rwb.org/season/magicflute.html) - hopefully Deanna stays awake, or maybe it would be nice for her to nod off.
Well, I should start finishing the St. Patrick's Day dessert (http://www.thetrainingcoop.com/trainingcooprecipes.htm) that I'm bringing for the family dinner tomorrow.  It's definitely not low fat, low calorie, or high in nutritional content, but every now and then you're allowed to splurge and if St. Paddy's day isn't one of those time I don't know what is.  I made the crusts earlier today and now it's time for the fillings.  In honour of St. Patrick's Day I also whipped up this graphic for the Olympia Cycle & Ski homepage (http://www.olympiacycle.com/images/indexstpaddysday.JPG).  Store Manager Paddy is a good sport.  For the record my middle name is Patrick too, so I've always sort of claimed St. Patrick's day as partially my own.
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