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Well it's the start of another week and the second of two weeks at 4 sets per workout (before moving up to 5 (?!) sets next week.  Yesterday was rest and cheat day and frankly it was very nice to have.  I had a bacon cheddar burger at Joey's and didn't do any working out.  Not bad.  This morning I hammered briefly on the bike trainer and did my daily abs routine (which really hurts of late due to all the coughing, but I figure it's all a workout).  I keep thinking that if I could have that last 10 lbs of cellulite liposuctioned from my abdomen I could actually see muscle underneath.  The fat appeared suddenly while I was out of town on business one third of the time for a year or so and was eating out on the road all the time (and didn't have consistent opportunity to workout) and has stuck around ever since.  Oh well, the muscle is there somewhere.  I can always get a lighter bike to compensate.
Speaking of bikes I decided last night to swap an aftermarket fork (a Winwood rigid carbon fork that I bought for cyclocrossing last fall: http://www.winwoodbike.com/purist.html) from my geared mountain bike to my single speed mountain bike but discovered that the little star thingy in the fork steerer tube that you thread the headset top cap bolt into was too far down the tube for the bolt to reach when using the stem that I have on my single speed (I'm not sure I can follow what I just typed, but I think it's right).  At any rate in the middle of the night I remembered that for some reason I had an extra star thingy and realized that I could place it inside the steerer tube above the one that's already there so that the headset top cap bolt would now reach thereby enabling me to tighten everything properly.  And, it all worked out.  I'm sure I'm not supposed to put two little star thingies in the same steerer tube (and the second one isn't even in all the way) and I probably have the wrong crown race in the wrong headset now that I've swapped a few forks around so I'll probably get into trouble the next time I take the bikes into Olympia (and for good reason), and I haven't dared to tell them yet that I'd like them to help with a 3 way headset swap between my bikes once my Truelove frame is painted (mainly for aesthetic reasons), but they're generally pretty patient with me.
Joking aside, it strikes me occasionally that I'm living the dream I always had as a child.  I loved bikes from the first time my mother forced me onto one (shortly after which I rode straight into the neighbours parked car) and always bought the bike magazines with paper route and babysitting money.  Occasionally I'd see someone ride by on one of the bikes I saw in the magazine and I envied them.  I don't think I was necessarily jealous -  I just thought it would be cool to have one of those one day (if there's a distinction there).  When I was 16 I bought my first 'racing' bike from Olympia, and now almost 20 years later I have a full stable of bikes that I love.  A handful of times I've been riding somewhere and have passed a couple of kids who see my bike as I ride by and say something like "cool bike" as a pass by, and I think wow, I'm that guy I wanted to be (slower, but I still have the bike).  Pretty cool.  It's even more cool that my wife shares the passion with me.
But enough nostalgia.  Deanna and I are hoping that this week will be a little more 'normal' with her mother now under professional care.  Obviously it's not quite normal to be waiting for what will inevitably be her passing, but today it's just a relief that there's help.  Tough days are still ahead but I feel better for Deanna today.
Oh, we ate those Irish Whiskey Souffles on the weekend, and oh my were they good if I say so myself.  I don't think you'll regret it if you try out the recipe.
abs??/ I had abs, before someone brought little cup-ee cakes to the shoppe on Sat...

...as far the yer headset fiasco goes...I'm speechless...

otherwise, glad to hear deanna's got some help now with her mom

i would not be a problem if you just left them for the rest of us...he he!

(oh i think i am going to be cleaning the bathroom this saterday....again)
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