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Not much to report today.  The weights workout was fine - I waited until Deanna got home from work and we did them together.  Usually we do the upper body stuff separately so we don't bump into each other but sometimes it's nice to have the support of doing them together.  Tonight was one of those nights.  One lesson learned tonight: Don't eat Cajun samosas just before heavy lifting; they don't taste as good the second time.
I think I may have found a desirable alternative to the much anticipated but never-quite-happening paint job for my new cx frame.  I friend of a friend who I know reasonably well works in the aerospace industry and has offered to paint my frame for the cost of materials and a bottle of whiskey.  He's done his truck and his friend's boat and has been happy with the results so I'm willing to give him a shot.  I don't want to hurt Tomek's feelings by going elsewhere, and I don't blame him for the current situation (he's done everything he can to try to push the process along but is dealing with a painter who doesn't seem that motivated) but the short story is that I've had an unpainted frame for 3 months and now it's starting to get nice outside and I'd like to get the thing built up.  I haven't made a final decision but I'm leaning towards going with option two.  Hopefully I'll have a picture to post soon.
so...is it painted yet????

Pretty close Paddy.  I did a recon trip to the shop last night and got my frame and called the painter, Glen, and arranged to meet with him today to choose a colour and move ahead.  He said it could be done in a week or less and that he would get started on it right away, and who knows, he might actually be telling the truth.  Actually he's a good guy so I trust it will get done.

that's wicked....did you take my frame too???   kidding...sorta....

Scott, I hope for all of this work you've gone through, you're going to at least get that bike painted some sort of hot pink or neon green.


Welcome Jonny.  How about bright metallic orange?  I brought the frame over to the painter tonight and went over swatches (hmmm, that sounds a little gay), and decided on a metallic orange.  He said I should have it in a week.  Sounds too good to be true, but just maybe...


I'm not sure what "metallic" means when it comes to describing orange... but if's just another word for "hot neon" than I'll be drooling over that thing like a hungry puppy.


It's not neon (though I fully embrace anything that has its roots in the '80's), but it is pretty bright with tiny metallic flecks in the paint - think shiny '70's era Trans Am paint job, but orange.


I can dig it.

does anyone remeber swatches from the 80s? now those where kewel!

orange.hmmm..Golden Gate Bridge orange?

ian's bike is orange...and it looks good.

"Orange is mentally stimulating as well as sociable. Use it to get people thinking or to get them talking."-- hmm is that a good thing for a bike race?

by the way. anyone want to put up that awsome chai tea secret mix for me?for you know... it is cold and wet and school is hard and so yap...you see you save a student this way... (he he)

keep safe on the roads, it is pretty sketchoutside (with all the students going nutty)

c.u. later vitamin c
swatches as in the watches...

and not ian hall..another ian..paddling ian... sorry i crossed worlds for a minute..

As a matter of fact I had the coolest Swatch ever.  It had a crest on the face plate that had "SW" in large letters and "atch" in smaller letters - SW are my initials so I felt special.  I had 3 different strap combinations for the watch and a couple of those rubber things that stretched across the face plate to protect it.  I got it for Christmas along with a black mock neck that had 3/4 length sleeves and shoulder pads.  No joke.

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