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Another day, another strength training routine.  The most recent workout was actually quite good, mainly because it was arms.  I think I've already said this here but arms is just so much easier than chest and back or core - maybe I'm not using enough weight. Actually I know I am because I can do bicep curls (Deanna makes fun of me because I pronounce it 'bicepT') to fatigue and it's still less painful than one inclined fly.

As I mentioned in a response to yesterday's postings my cx frame is now in  the hands of Glen the painter.  I took a look at the work he did to his own vehicle and his neighbour's boat, and if my frame turns out anything like either of those examples I'll be very pleased.  He went over the whole frame with me to make sure he knew what was expected, he brought a bunch of paint swatches for me to look at, AND (this is the best part) he's not only going to paint it but he's going to cut out a metal headbadge, paint it separately, and tack it onto the headtube.  The frame maker's name is Mike Truelove so Glen is cutting out a little metal heart and painting it white.  He was asking me questions like "would you like it to be a thick piece of metal so that it pops out a bit?" and "do you want me to use a lightweight alloy so I don't add much extra weight to your frame?".  Sounds to me like he wants to do a good job.  I think I'm getting excited now.

Also, my brake levers (ordered on eBay) came yesterday - here's a pic of them with the matching saddle: http://www.thetrainingcoop.com/images/trueloveleversandsaddle.jpg  AND, I picked up two hats from Lululemon (I just noticed they have a little velcro-tabbed pocket under the visor that can store a house or car key - cool) and this morning I'm picking up our official "TheTrainingCoop.com" embroidered patches, one each of which will get sewn on to the hats.  The invoice for the embroidery work was made out to "The Training Coop Ltd".  We must be official.  Joking aside we are having fun with it.
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