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Yesterday Deanna received a call from the hospital midday saying that she should get over there right away because her mother's time left was very limited, so she of course dropped everything and left for the hospital (she's been visiting daily, but has also been trying to keep up with work).  I headed to the hospital shortly afterwords and spent the evening there as well but returned home to sleep leaving Deanna behind.  Apparently everyone thinks that Deanna's mom is ready to pass away except Deanna's mom, who made it through the night and appears to be somewhat stable (in the context of her grave condition), so I picked Deanna up this morning and she's resting at home before she returns to the hospital later today.

It's an odd thing waiting for someone to die.  You live most of your life acting like it will last forever but then every now and then you're faced with something very different.  The palliative care unit at Riverview is very nice, but the general mood there is fairly sombre, and it's odd to leave there to pick up some Starbucks and see the coffee patrons typing away at their laptops, chatting on their cell phone, and ordering skinny grande half shot mocha lattes with no topping, like as though no one is dieing a couple of blocks away.  Frankly though I think it's good to see that.  I've decided that a part of my job through all of this is to of course respect the situation and adopt a respectful tone, but to also avoid a constant morbidity and continue to help Deanna celebrate life, even in the midst of death.

The biggest problem is that Deanna is just plain tired.  I think it would be good for her to get some training in today but not if she's too exhausted.  I did my workout early this morning before picking her up and it was good to focus on reps and sets for 45 minutes after focusing on the palliative care unit all night.  We'll see if Deanna can rest up and maybe even just get in a good walk with the dogs or something later today.  Then it's back off to the hospital.
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