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I haven't actually done any training yet today - my arms and shoulders routine begins right after I post this.  For the record though I'm beginning to notice that some of my muscles are "filling out' a bit due to the added sets and a few new exercises.  Hopefully that translates to better overall fitness (it's hard to see how it can't).

Two special treats for Shona today: (1) Resulting from yesterday's Swatch Talk, here's a pic of me circa late '80's: http://www.thetrainingcoop.com/images/trainingcoopscottportrait80s.jpg.  I think I was watching too many Depeche Mode videos back then.  (2) If you go to the recipe page (http://www.thetrainingcoop.com/trainingcooprecipes.htm) we've now posted the Chai Latte recipe.

Finally, here's a pic of our first official merchandise: http://www.thetrainingcoop.com/images/trainingcoophat.jpg.  We expect distribution contracts to be rolling in any day now
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