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Well, I've been out of touch for a couple of days.  Deanna's mom died peacefully on Sunday evening and life has been a little different since then, but to be honest Deanna is the one that has been doing the heavy lifting - my job is mostly to make sure that she has a welcoming place to return home to after all of the errand running.  Deanna is holding up very well, though I'm sure there will be many emotions in the days to come as final funeral preparations are made.

I feel like I should leave this posting at that because some how it seems like I shouldn't also comment on the rest of our lives when discussing the death of someone close, but on the other hand we are still here and need to keep on living.  I guess we're trying to strike a balance between being reverent but not being morose. 

To that end Deanna resumed workouts yesterday.  She was busy much of the day with funeral plans, but compared with caring for her dying mother she is less burdened now and I think it helped her immensely to push some iron.  Today was my first day of the two week block where I do 5 sets for each exercise.  Because there's little rest between sets it actually feels like it goes by pretty fast and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  I'll see how the next two weeks unfold but so far the 5 sets aren't as hard as I imagined.
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