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Well we are finally through all of the funeral activities and sort of back to normal life.  I know that Deanna will continue to sort through emotions for some time but it's good to be finally integrating back into a normal schedule and she emailed me this morning after arriving back at work to tell me that she realized she couldn't really start moving past the mourning process until she was back at work and back to her normal routine, so I'm happy for her to be back at it. 

We went live on this site almost at the same moment that Deanna's mother's health took a dramatic turn for the worse so although the site wasn't intended as an online diary chronicling that whole process that's sort of what it ended up being and maybe it's been helpful.  However, we're happy to begin refocusing on its intended purpose which is to chronicle our training lives and related activities.

Speaking of training, I did precious little of it over the weekend.  Friday and Saturday were taken up with funeral activities (I thought a funeral "viewing" sounded odd, and having now been through it, trust me, it is odd, though obviously some people find it helpful so each to his own I guess), and yesterday was pretty much just recuperating (we had a morning AND an afternoon nap), so I decided to put training on hold.  Today I start up again and am looking forward to it. 

Last night we did finally drag our sorry butts out of the house to watch the last installment of Nordic Cross '07 (http://humenny.blogspot.com/), and it was well worth it.  I half felt like bringing my bike out and joining in, but the other half of me said I was in no condition to do so.  Watching turned out to be a riot.  Paddy wins the contest for being most unable to shake off 10 revolutions around a stick. I swear a few people cheated during the beverage consumption portion of the race (bike racing and cheating - who'd a thunk it?) but it all ended well.  I was especially excited to be asked to help time the event seeing as I could use my official Festina limited edition TdF timepiece: http://www.thetrainingcoop.com/images/festina.jpg

However the most important recent news is that my Truelove ss cx bike is painted and built up.  I must say that I am thrilled with the results: http://www.thetrainingcoop.com/images/truelove.jpg and http://www.thetrainingcoop.com/images/trueloveheadtube.jpg  The paint job ended up much more subdued than planned.  More like a burnt orange than a bright orange - sorry Jonny.  Paddy has described it a number of ways, including saying it looks like "Thanksgiving Day gravy" and "some kind of soup".  Okay.  But, I really like it in the end, and the component mix looks and feels great now that it's built.  It's a little scary taking the first ride on a custom built bike because suddenly you're worried that you might have gotten the measurements all wrong, but I'm happy to say that it rides just like I wanted it to. 

Special thanks to Tomek for hooking me up with the framebuilder (and of course great thanks to the framebuilder: Mike Truelove, http://members.shaw.ca/mtmetal/index.html) and for putting together a great set of wheels, to Paddy for finding a lot of the sweet parts and 'encouraging' me to splurge for the White Industries hub, and to all the Olympia staff for putting up with me as I assembled parts of the bike in the back of the shop, and special thanks to Glen Fry for doing a great job painting the frame and making a little custom headbadge. 

Hopefully the bike will inspire me to get a little better at the actual riding part.


it's no neon that's for sure... but I'll cave in and say it looks good.

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