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I type this after sleeping most of the day ... home, sick and disappointed at missing some great flying planned for today and trying to accept that I must miss another Wed Night Race ... whine whine whine !

The dictionary defines disappointment as:
1.  to fail to fulfill the expectations or wishes of; or
2.  to defeat the fulfillment of (hopes, plans, etc.); thwart; frustrate.

That's how I feel about this late spring/early summer season of biking.  Expectations, wishes, hopes and plans appearing to be thwarted!  I got in lots of good biking this winter/early spring and enjoyed a sweet adventure trip to Moab with Lori as well.  But, since April, substantial biking has been sparse due to my work schedule and time away from home.

I am most disappointed that I have not had the time to increase the length of my training rides consistently.  My racing plans for this season were scaled back from last years over-optimistic and thwarted hopes of racing in most everything!  So, this year the racing focus (other than some WNRs) was/is to work on endurance and take part in the MUERTO experiment by racing 4 to 5 of the enduros (yes I do like to compete!).  I have already had to miss the great Back 40 enduro race and now it looks like I will have to be away when the Birch Fall Classic Marathon happens in Sept. ... baahh!

I love my job, but it has been getting in the way of some of my biking fun ... I know ... whine whine whine ... but I coordinated a detailed leave plan at work to allow for these events, but so far it has been thwarted!

Wow ... feels good to get that out of my system ... whining or not!  I know I must move on to acceptance.  I will make the best of it, enjoy as much biking as I can (with family and friends) and still race as much as I can ... all the while accepting that competing is just a motivator for me anyways !
All we can do is get back on the bike and just keep on peddling!!  I too, feel that circumstances have thwarted some of my fitness goals this spring - lots of those circumstances have been positive but nevertheless, getting back at it without whining too much about ground lost can at times be a challenge.  I look forward Tom to the summer and lots of fitness fun (my summer officially begins next Tuesday!!).

Thanks Scott, for all your support and encouragement - you are a very helpful and patient personal trainer.  It has felt awesome to be back at it the last couple of weeks!  Onward!!!


Holy smokes Tom how time flies.  I intended to post a response to this much sooner.  I hope that the last month (since the posting) has treated you a bit better, and that even if priorities and goals have had to change that the rest of the season can be salvaged.  My time required at the shop has lightened now that the spring rush (if there even really was one this year) has abated, so let's find a time to go riding.

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