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Secret TrgCoop-er
We's gots us sum sweet new mount'en bike trails out there folks and yer gonna waanna ride'm real bad - yup - that's fer sur!!!

Check out just a bit of em - right now - Eh:

They's comin at ya in 2010 - right here in Manitoba!

Some good riding indeed - my kind of non-technical but still challenging riding with some good, relatively brief climbs and descents (well, the climbs didn't feel that brief).  And what a view...

I wonder who SecretTrainingCoop-er is..?...

Amazing trails, not to mention incredible scenery - all right here in Manitoba! I can't wait to ride them...
Secret TrgCoop-er
You'll know who I am in good time, but here's another teaser/hint as to where these sweet new trails are - Eh!

You know ya waanna know where they are!
Secret TrgCoop-er
What - no guesses?  Ok - Hint #3

Hint #4 - This pic was taken on the way back from the secret site!

Secret TrgCoop-er
Still stumped?  Hint's 5 & 6 - Eh!

Kevin B
well, i know of one place that apparently has some new trails, but if I am wrong, I don't want to give "that place" away.

those are in the area of Tinker Creek - but way to WIDE to be Tinker trails.

so, is it PVBC?

Scret TrgCoop-er
Close - oh so close - but no cigar Kevin!

Hint #7:

Hint #8:  Is it a clue or a Red Herring -----------------------> on the right!

Kevin B
i think i have heard a little about that place. are the trails totally new? i though they already had some trails - but obviously you know more. spill the bean already.

how many KM of trail? any tighter single track?

with all the new stuff going on in Riding Mountain, also rumours of Agassiz, Greg cutting in Brandon Hills, it's great we are getting some more good riding in the prov.

now, see if YOU can find the new trails I've been cutting. Hint #1 - you sure don't have to drive for 2 hours to find em. Hint #2 - You have to learn how to ride.

Hmmm...I recognize the arms in that video, and the little orange camera popping up in the end. Not to mention the certain writing style used in the postings. Still, I can't quite figure it out. Maybe TOMorrow it'll come to me.

That looked like a lot of fun.

Secret TrgCoop-er
Kevin B. - the trails are 'new' to most every MB MTB-er and most all of the sweet flowing trail is fairly wide, but with all the elevation changes, twists & turns, they are a blast at speed - unless you are grinding up that is!  Plus there is potential for cutting some connecting trails and maybe some specialized single-track.

KK - good eye - darn editing!  But still guessing where exactly eh!?

Hints #9 & 10:

Now we're getting close - and look at what's right next door - Eh!?!?
I have a pretty good idea where you were. I also think you, Michelle, and Artur must be spending a lot of time together.
Hey Kevin, are you cutting new trail out at Bur Oak?  That would be awesome.  Congrats on winning MTN coordinator of the year btw. 

By coincidence I'm in the midst of putting the Bur Oak trails on Google Earth and incorporating some pics of the course (essentially an update on the Bur Oak map and page that's been on the Olympia site for a while, but with more functionality).  If you'd like any additional trail out there GPS'd let me know - I'd love to keep the Google Earth map (soon to be posted) up to date, but I don't want to step on your toes either.  We can 'talk' more offline.
Kevin B
hey scott, no, not BHP, in the city actually. i think Lindsay is cutting some stuff and BHP for the kids loop or something. that's his baby. although i an entire new perspective mowing that course 3 times this summer... riding is more fun.

Cool Kevin, can you reveal where the trails are?

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