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I have zero understanding for anyone who decides it's okay to stick a chemical-filled roll of paper between their lips, light it, and inhale (usually many times a day), and regardless of the self-inflicted addiction that smoking causes I don't know how smokers could have more motivation to quit, what with all the public awareness of it's harmfulness, not to mention the cost, the smell, etc.  So maybe the following headline shouldn't surprise me, but I do still find it morbidly humourous:

"Cigarette pack warnings that remind smokers of the fatal consequences of their habit may actually make them smoke more as a way to cope with the inevitability of death, according to researchers" - full article here.

Now if you'll excuse me it's time to grab a stoggie from the humidor before Deanna gets home from work.
Never could get into the smoking thing ... well except for the occasional cigar when socializing out on the town with a flying crew (just puffing for show though)!

I am told it is very enjoyable though and obviously addictive.  But as for the coping?  I suspect that you could get the same effect with other things/activities.  Studies and statistics are a funny things ... easy to skew!

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