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It's been a pretty miserable spring by pretty much everyone's account, but today was beautiful (except for the unexpected storm in the late afternoon - more about that later), if still a few degrees colder than normal so Deanna and I made the most of it by finally getting the boats out on the water.  Deanna had planned to take the day off of work and I booked it off of helping at the shoppe as well.


We dropped in at Beaudry Park (leaving our Jeep there and planning to return later via motorcycle to retrieve it) and headed home from there.  In the 4 hours of paddling plus 1 hour of picnic we encountered the usual riverside wildlife (and a fox - first time we've seen one in the city), passed numerous houses that are most certainly out of our credit range, spotted what was either Tom or one of his fellow flying aces overhead, attracted 7 ticks between the 2 of us (not bad for this time of year) and overall had a great trip.


Retrieving the Jeep after we returned home was a little less ideal - I managed to get Deanna to the Jeep in fine condition but on the way home I got caught on my motorbike in a sudden thunder storm with 90 km/h winds.  I made it home wet and cold but in one piece, and managed to keep the bike upright the whole way.  All's well that ends well, or at least without injury.


Who's up for doing this with us next time?  Here's a slideshow to entice you:


Right on!  Finally, some half decent weather and great to 'see' you two out in kayaks ... nice pics.  Glad you got home in one piece there Scott ... a know someone who was blow off their bike during that storm!

No, that was not me flying.  I finally got a proper day off after some very busy weeks.  I did get my AC checkride successfully completed though (survived the Bermuda Triangle and some nasty storms enroute, which I chose to fly around!) and hopefully I will finish my SAR AC upgrade fairly soon, because I want to be able to enjoy more riding, hiking and paddling with Lori and friends!  But, I think Lori and I are differing the canoe purchase to next year though.  Maah Daah Hey trail riding in August is the next adventure trip ahead ...

Good to read that some of your flying recertification stuff is done - sounds like a long haul.  We'll have to figure out a time to ride together again soon, and scrounge you up a loaner boat or something for a paddle down the river (until you buy your own)!

That must have been quite the ride home, Scott!  Glad you made it home ok.  Very nice pics.....

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