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I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to post about this but a couple of weeks have now passed, so...

I recently agreed to instruct a boot camp with Sustainable Fitness.  I spoke with Allan Zimmer, the company owner, a while ago and he offered me a 4 week 5:30 am boot camp class beginning Nov. 16th.  Yup, that's early.  I can get up at 4:30 am and be showered, fueled, and at the Dakota Community Centre in Southdale by 5:00 am so I'm ready to set up before the class starts at 5:30, and I'm back home by 7:00 am for breakfast (now my second meal of the day).  It's taken a bit for me to get into a groove but I feel like I'm getting the hang of what works for the 16 clients I have at the camp and I hope they are finding it fulfilling.

I've just agreed to carry on with a camp beginning in January and I may have the opportunity to change venues and work out of the Sustainable Fitness Training Centre on King Edward, connected to Fitness Experience (which coincidentally is where Deanna and do much of our fitness equipment shopping).  At the Training Centre I'd have the opportunity to instruct classes with the use of the TRX system which I really like (in fact we're thinking of getting one for our home gym).  I may also pick up a 1 on 1 personal client thru Sustainable Fitness as they become available but for the moment I'm focusing on the current camp and then one in January.

I have nothing but good things to say about Allan and his approach to the business and look forward to whatever is to come.

Here's a bit of info on the TRX:
> > > > > >
Great stuff Scott!  I am sure your clients are being well trained and motivated ... 0500 hrs? ... good thing it's you and not me (kind of a night owl here!).

The TRX looks like a useful tool and good for those on the road and away from regular gyms especially.

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