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Vern Nelson
I put this on the Olympia Board, but I don't think anyone's reading it.
I know someone's reading this one.

Has anyone here done the Swamp Donkey?
I'm wondering how tough the running/treking is.
I've got a potential teammate with a bum knee.

Surprisingly, its not me! My knee crapped out last year while training for the Hypothermic Half.  It still wasn't great last winter.  In the spring, I started taking a multi-vitamin every day on the chance that I was missing something in my diet and it has gotten progressively better!

This is of course anecdotal evidience,  and I can't prove any real connection.
I thought I'd put it out there to see what others think.  I'm generally not that concerned about about diet and supplements, but maybe I should be...

Hi Vern,

I have the email address for someone who has competed in the Swamp Donkey in the past.  She's a hardcore adventure racer who's doing Primal Quest later this summer - TheTrainingCoop is sponsoring her team with some gear donations.  Offline I'll pass her email to you later today - I'm sure she'd be happy to answer a few questions.

As for diet, I don't take any multivitamins or supplements (except for protein shakes and V8 Fusion - if you can call those things supplements) but Deanna takes a couple of things that she swears by. Maybe she can respond in more detail.  We do both find that paying special attention to diet (basically a good balance of macronutrients and overall calories) does wonders for our ability to recover from injury.  As we approach 40 we've begun to realize that we don't recover quite as quicky as we did when we were, say, 20, so every little bit helps.  I imagine that only becomes more evident as a person reaches 50, 60, and so on.
Hi Vern,

The supplements I take are related to fat burning, not joint health: CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is the only one I'm still on after reading up on and deciding to stop taking BCAA (branched chain amino acids) which was meant to decrease muscle loss during cardio.

I wonder if a multivitamin might help my knees too... they've always felt stiff after sitting for a long time, and my Vegas crash last year sure didn't help. I read something recently, by the way, about why that stiffness happens. I'll see if I can find it again... might have been in my latest Oxygen.
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