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I don't have much time this morning to post a lengthy review of my new kayak (actually purchased last fall after the snow arrived) but paddled for the 1st time yesterday but I wanted to type something up quickly.  The boat is an Think Fit, and it's a bit of a hybrid between a surf ski and a K1 racing boat.  As you'd expect it's fast, and a bit tippy.  Actually it's no more tippy than I expected, and secondary stability isn't that bad, but the initial stability when getting into the boat is pretty rocky.  It was nice to have a dock and some clean water for the 1st entry. 

It is definately fast.  Acceleration is way faster than any boat I've paddled before (the only limiting factor now is my stroke technique and strength) and it can maintain speed with far less effort than anything I've paddled before too.  I haven't decided yet if I like the rudder.  It's nice to have, but it's another thing to think about.  I may try it with the rudder taken off to see what I think of the difference. 

The biggest plus of all is the seat.  It's a very simple, molded fiberglass seat with absolutely no adjustment (it's just molded into the hull of the boat) but wow does it feel good.  Best seat I've ever been in.

Anyway, this boat won't replace my go-to Evergreen Envy which I will continue to use for most of my paddling, but it sure is cool to have the fast Fit for a little bit of variety.  I can't wait to take it surfing in the waves of Lake Winnipeg.

A couple of pics are below (Tom joined me for the inaugral paddle, using my Envy.  He took some video which may make it up here at some point too).

Tom getting out of the water


Scott enjoying the first 'beach' day of the season.


Hey Scott.  I've been busy with flying (up in Inuvik right now), but thought I'd upload a some pics from our little paddle the other day.  Here's a few:

I had some time today to put my video footage and pics into this little video remix and upload it onto my YouTube channel.
Here's to Scott's first paddle with his new kayak:

Scott's "Think - Fit" kayak was so light, sleek and speedy, that I suggest he rename it the "Think - Fast".  It was good fun getting out onto the water on such a nice day ... even if I kept falling behind when I was at top speed!  Next time you get that torpedo up to full speed, I'll just angle in and nudge you over ... ahhh stability !
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