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While this doesn`t directly apply to the training-related posts we usually make here it does tie in with some of our other related activities.  I heard an author speak about his new book entitled ``The Value of Nothing`` this morning on a cable news program and I`d like to find the book.

It sounds like the book in part helps assess what we as a society value vs. what we should value.  I know that I`m occasionally embarrassed to think about the dollar value of all the `stuff` Deanna and I have and where that money may have been better spent.  Don`t get me wrong, I`m not trying to pretend we`re rich by North American standards, but I`m reminded when I look out my kitchen window that we have 3 summer vehicles, and I don`t even want to add up the cost of the bikes and boats we have in our house.

That`s in part why we`ve committed to donating half of the store credit I earn thru Olympia to charity - it`s slightly flawed logic but even if we have far more than we need at least we`re moderating the value we place on accumulating more stuff by giving some of it away, hopefully to others who need it more than us.

Here`s a great video that the author put together to describe his book:

Very interesting ... makes you think for sure and ties in with our new connection with A Rocha and our planned MTB race on some of there trails and the Pembina Valley Prov Park trails in July.

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