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Doesn't skydiving directly into water have the greatest fatality rate of any type of skydiving (except maybe for BASE jumping or using those crazy squirrel suits)?  Thought I read that somewhere.  Regardless, I'm in.  It sounds like a pretty dramatic way to go.  I can't image what those SARS guys do requires much training - just jump and pull right?

What did I do with my time before there was YouTube?  Just found an applicable video (and learned a new word: Skyaking)

NO WAY!!  I can't believe it - skyaking - multidimensional kayacking!  We're set...Tom, you can clear that ASAP, right?  And one more thing - the squirrel suit - we need to hook Scott up with one of those too..... 

Roger that Lori ... I'm on it at full speed (Canadian Sovereignty may depend upon it )!

Scott ... since you figure this parachuting/skydiving thing with the SAR Techs is easy stuff, I made contact with our Squadron Sar Techs when I got back from Thule today and got you booked on their next training course. They suggested you check out this video from the last course to finish the Para Phase of their year-long course (and this was the easy/fun part!).
Check it out:

Now the base jumping with flying-wing/squirrel suit thing is out there on a whole other plane of craziness! While I get the Sqaudron Riggers working on making your special flying suit (in Coop colors of course) and finding a training centre that will take you on short notice; I suggest you get motivated.
Checkout this video:


Much respect to the SARS guys - I think that knowing they do that for a living, and so that they can rescue others, adds to the coolness.  The squirrel suit guys are pretty darn gutsy but I can't help but feel like they're a bit retarded too.  If I really screw up on my bike I break my collarbone.  If they screw up the slightest bit they die, or worse they don't die (I'd hate to crash and live from one of those jumps).

Ok Scott...if you are nervous about the free-falling squirrel suit, here's a little insurance policy for ya.  Before we stuff you into the kayak with the squirrel suit on, we are going to attach a couple of these babies to your feet.

That should quell any of your unnecessary concerns !
If things get a little overwhelming, you can wiggle yourself free and do a little high powered skyaking!
Scott, I'm with you on the crazy retarded front as far as the margin between thrill and death for those skydiving flyers!  But, Lori has come up with an great little back-up system for your skyaking deployment ... I'll talk to the riggers again !

That's the scariest insurance policy I've even seen.


I think this whole thread is scary.

Since this thread kinda expanded beyond fitness workouts into flying tourism, Canadian sovereignty defence and crazy skyaking stunts, I thought I would make my last post with a few pics and a little video of some pics and footage I took from the flightdeck of our Herc after takeoff from Thule yesterday (sorry, no helmet cam Mark).

Aerial shot of Thule Air Base

Actual open water in March? ... and an nice little iceberg.

Back over Canada's Ellesmere Island and its huge mountains, glaciers and fjords.

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