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Maybe the subject line seems obvious given the club's namesake, but take a look at who it is that's posting and you will see why it's meaningful.

My regimen: ride everyday.  That's it. No matter how late/early/rainy/hot(not a problem this year)/tired/busy.  For six weeks.

I started about a week and half ago (on a friday) and so far I've stayed honest. It's simple and kind of unforgiving.  There is no "wellll, I'm kinda tired so I'll do more later in the week" that I would probably succumb to if it was more structured but less often.

The goal is to be in semi-decent shape for xc8 at which it seems most of the crew will present.

By the way, in case any body is shaking their head right now saying to themselves that riding everyday is a good way to overdo it and not allow your body to rest and rebuild; don't worry, plenty of days will be easy and short.  Scott knows I am a special needs type of rider and approved my plan already.
Ride Every Day.
I trust that you won't kill yourself Graham.  Besides, your plan can't be worse than mine, which is more or less the opposite - never ride.  To be fair, I do get 'rides' in indoors as a part of my circuit training so it's not like I'm not getting cardio (and even bike-specific cardio) but for some reason this hasn't been a big outdoor riding season for me.
BTW, we were mentioning to Graham yesterday over lunch (that he paid for - not a bad way for us to dine) that Deanna and I plan to be at XC8 to cheer on the rest of the TrainingCoop and, if there's need, act as a pit crew.  Tom, this means we'd be happy to support you too.  We're looking forward to the 1st TrainingCoop road trip.
I am looking forward to it!
Graham ... right on!!!   Looks like a great training plan to me.  I wish I could be closer to achieving that myself, but my flying schedule has been crazy recently (actually for a while) and I have my family excuses as well ... but I may have to re-think the logic and "just-do-it" ... hmmm?!

XC8 ... great news that you are training for it Graham and that Scott & Deanna are planning to come and cheers us all on. Lori & I are planning to drive out for Friday, tent camp and I will checkout the race course.  I will be racing and Lori will supporting.  We may have some friends from Moose Jaw coming out to see us and we may stay with them Saturday night, but that is not for sure yet.  Either way, we plan to head back on Sunday at some time after camping or staying in Moose Jaw.

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