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Just thought I'd point out that the certified personal training pages on thetrainingcoop.com site have been updated, in part to make use of a couple of pics we recently received from Deanna's photoshoot a month or two ago.  The fee info has also been updated with more detail.

The Bourkevale race page has received its final update for this year's race - almost....tomorrow morning the '09 entry forms and waivers will be online.  We'll be working on final race prep in the next week or so but this week Deanna and I have been sourcing our very own "Bourkevale Blend" fresh roast coffee to be made available at the race.  More to come...
Hey Scott, looks like the personal fitness training pages are still a 'work-in-progress', but the new pics of Deanna look great ... super fit and chiseled ... definite motivation to workout harder!  Course you might want to give a disclaimer to any expected results from your personal training guidance (based on those pics) !

Bourkevale Cross Race ... can't wait, should be great and just think ... probably no snow shoveling this year!  Thanks for taking the lead again with coordination, I am very busy right now, but that will improve after mid next week.  Lori and I will be available for any work required before, during and after the race.  Btw, should we be including Bruce in the name of the race?
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