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I've been meaning to put together a video remix for a while now after some great biking outings that Lori and I had this summer.  The main hold up was plans to go back to the Birch MTB trails for another ride and a chance to re-capture some helmet cam video while riding the excellent trails there (since I accidentally deleted all my previous h/c video from our most recent outing there ... cool footage too !).  But schedules have not allowed this ... so it's time to celebrate some of the riding we did get on film with this video.

Lori's biking enthusiasm and riding skills just keep increasing and this video hopefully captures some of that :  Direct link is here.

Great times with my #1 riding partner:


Looks like fun Tom.  Lori, your skills continue to progress.  Way to go.

Lots of good times riding this summer, Tom!  Loved, loved the Bur Oak trail...really found my stride there.  Birch is certainly challenging - more demanding hills, many on grass.  We spent more time on our mountain bikes this summer, whereas last summer, we did more roadie stuff on the cross bikes.  I will say I do enjoy going to Bird's Hill and simply riding around the loop.  Perhaps over the winter we could cook up some 'goal rides' for next season.  As much as I love biking with you, I don't think there is much chance that I will join you for your -35 winter rides!!
It was a very good spring and summer of MTB riding for us in 2009, starting with your first Moab riding experience and ending with your first Birch riding exposure.  Your skills and riding stamina have blasted off this year!  You've always been a good trail rider, but now you can handle some more technical singletrack, which will make more of our trail rides into adventures and even more fun!!

2010 Goal Rides ... love it!  Here's a start:

1.  Return to Moab in Mar/Apr spring break for even more epic rides and slickrock riding.  Maybe Porcupine Rim/the full Slickrock Loop as your big tests (and our adventures) and the full Arches Ntnl Park out & back road ride or the La Sal Mtn Loop as my epic test (with your support of course and a bit of sightseeing in the middle)?!

2.  Mid-Late spring rides at Bur Oak, Birch, Back 40, Grand Beach, Spruce Woods, Whiteshell, Riding Mtn, etc ... make it a weekend when the weather is nicer?!

3.  I'm hoping the Red Assiniboine endurance race will be a go for late spring 2010?!  A big goal for me and I could really use your awesome support again!

4.  Get down to Maah Daah Hey in early summer to get in some of that sweet singletrack riding we had planned to do this summer (until the Air Force had other ideas)?!

5.  Get out to the mountains in summer for real mountain biking???!!!

6.  Join friends on some weekends of riding/camping and/or a century ride (metric for you and imperial for me)?!  Headwaters in September comes to mind for the centuries.
Sounds awesome!!  It would be good to make a rough plan and then use that for motivation over the winter....starting with a couple of circuit workouts for weekend mornings!!

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