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Scott Wiebe
Well I didn't really intend to go and watch the CrossTastic race yesterday because I wanted to get my own ride in (and the race season has progressed too far for me to rationalize paying for a license at this point) so I headed off to the Assiniboine Forrest on my Karate Monkey around the same time instead.  The trail conditions had other plans though - the ground was so slick with greasy mud that trail riding was pretty much pointless, so I got back on the road and figured I'd ride to Whittier park to see what was going on. 

When I arrived the b race had already begun but I managed to ride a lap of the course beside the taped off competitor's route just to check it out.  Not my kind of course.  I'm not knocking it at all (kudo's to Gary Sewell and many others for another great event) but lots of long stretches and corners that you can carry tons of speed into is exactly the kind of course that kills me.  From a spectating perspective though it was the greatest race even because as far as I can recall it's the only one I've been too locally that offered free hotdogs, chips, etc., to anyone!  Mmmm, good.

I didn't come prepared to take pics and had almost no power in my blackberry so I could only snap one shot of Graham before my battery entered the red zone, so here it is:

Another great race I couldn't make it to ... glad you were there to see Graham flying around a course again!
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