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Well I finally got it done ... as requested by organizers of the Winnipeg Bike Shorts Film Festival (20 Oct at the Cinemathique), I made a new biking video remix that they will be playing at the festival ... cool - yes ... scary - yes!

I'm glad I took the time to put this video together though rather than just giving them one of my previous ... I had fun making this one and I think it captures biking in Winnipeg in all seasons and conditions ... therefore the song choice and title:

Biking Winnipeg - Under The Same Sun:

Cameo appearance of Scott and lots of Lori (of course!).


Excellent film Tom.  I really like how you juxtipose summer and winter footage of the same trails to really capture the crazy Winnipeg climate, and the fact that you can enjoy it all, winter and and summer.  I especially liked the lookout footage at Fort Whyte and the winter riding on the river ice path / summer riding beside the river.  Cool to finish the film with a ride into the sunset too.  Very well edited.

Brett & Scarlet (& Jeero)
Great video! We think this is the best video you've made yet. We're sure people will really enjoy watching it tomorrow. -Love, the Roslyn Clan

Glad you all enjoyed it.

It was a real 'I love biking in Wpg' salute ... I know it could be better in Wpg for road conditions, connected bike trails and even weather (!), but I think it's always what you make of it and I really enjoy biking here all year ... yes - even winter!

Well, it was really cool to be at the Wpg Bike Film Festival last night.  The vid looked awesome up on the 'big screen' - also, it was kind of surreal ;-).  The festival was sold out with a line up outside - people trying to get in and, surprised, as I think we all were, that there was such an overwhelming interest in the very first ever Wpg biking film festival.  Total fun!  Great job Tom!!
Since our local Winnipeg video shorts are getting sent on to the Cdn Ntnl Bike Shorts folks and I had some free time, I have completed some final editing of my video I couldn't do in my haste to get the project done last weekend.

I have taken action on a few good critiques and have also included some winter river-edge and trail footage that I missed putting in by accident last version (more Scott trail riding in this version).

Biking Winnipeg - Under The Same Sun (Final Edit)

Good job again Tom.  I have no real constructive criticism; it's a great video.  We plugged our laptop into our livingroom TV last night to watch a U2 concert that was streaming live on YouTube (from California, which means it ended at 1:30am this morning - yeesh) and before the concert started streaming I played your vid on the 'big' TV and was surprised at the visual clarity.  I think it looks better on my moderately sized TV than it does on my laptop. 

BTW, I've been meaning to ask you for the link (or 2) to the sites that you use to find POV mtn bike videos posted by others - the ones you watch while you're training indoors.  If you don't mind emailing them to me or posting them here that would be great.  In the winter we of course use our TACX trainer most of the time (and now for warming up for strength training we use or CycleOps) but it might be cool to occasionally watch a POV video.  The set up is already there in our gym - all I have to do is save a video, stick it into the PC, and then watch it on the TV we use for the TACX (we can't stream the videos though because we haven't hooked that PC to the internet - it's just dedicated to the TACX).

Glad you liked the latest "final edit" version ... of course the folks at the Ntnl Bike Shorts Festival are suggesting that it be a few minutes shorter ... makes sense (only locals really appreciate all the 'linking' shots), but it will be a lot of work to shorten it!

Btw Scott, I will make a separate post of some good helmet cam/pov biking videos and video makers.

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